Rotterdam City Church

Rotterdam City Church

Is a Bible Based Christian non-denominational Church, which focuses on impacting people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in and around Rotterdam.The Church started from a prayer group of 5 people of which none lived in the city but came to the city to pray.

This later evolved into a congregation.


A family church in the city of Rotterdam


Rotterdam is the second largest city of the Netherlands and is known as " the gateway of Europe".

The city consists of a bubbling energetic multicultural crowd from around the world.

Rotterdam City Church began in Kralingen Crooswijk in Rotterdam the Netherlands in 2009 as prayer group with 5 people.

At that time there was no church nor church format, only 5 people with a burning desire to see a revival break out in the nation.A city which already has a vast number of churches of different flavors and colors yet has left the city with very little Christian positions of influence as it has been flooded with Mosques and secular humanism penetrating the church.

As the group grew, intercession remained the main focus, as they met weekly in the sports complex “Het Schuttersveld” in Kralingen Crooswijk.

Meetings shifted to becoming more family oriented as families came and as the Lord restored family units, preaching became more directed to life issues.By the beginning of 2011 the Church relocated to another complex called “ Oostervant” in Delfshaven, Rotterdam to accommodate the growth. Although it is a predominately Muslim area, it did not withhold us form reaching out to Muslims in the area.By September 2012 the Church, which had then grown into a small congregation, relocated again to “De Bron” which is close to CBD of Rotterdam.


As over the years several people have found Christ, RCC aims not to focus on transfer growth but on new converts as prayer and evangelism continue to remain the lifeline of the church.

The Church holds a vibrant multicultural mix of people, which has one passion: Jesus Christ.



Our Vision for the city.....


Our vision is fourfold

1. Restoration in families



2. Helping people to discover their destiny



3. Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ

Matthew 28:17-20


4. Reaching people from all nations

Matthew 24:14


What kind of services do we hold beside our sunday service:


  1. Prayerwalks
  2. Biblestudy
  3. Next generation: Leadership training
  4. All night prayer meetings
  5. Men of excellence : men's meetings
  6. Ladies of virtue: women's meetings
  7. Discipleshiptraining
  8. Street outreach
  9. Family weekends
  10. The Lord's supper
  11. Washing of feet
  12. Conferences with international guest speakers
  13. Fellowship meals
  14. game night
  15. International mission trips
  16. Baptismservices